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True Titanium Block Multi-Tool 5 in 1

True Titanium Block Multi-Tool 5 in 1

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Unleash Possibilities: Screw, Slice, Pop - One Tool, Limitless Capabilities!

The world never looks the same after you start carrying a multi-tool. From cutting and scraping to tightening and opening, you’ll be amazed at how TRUE is putting purpose back in your hands with the Titanium Block Multi-tool and its 5-in-1 design. The tanto blade cuts, slices and pierces with ease while the star of this multi-tool is the bit driver arm with its patent-pending design that offers a two-position lockout. Use the 90-degree lockout for tight spaces and the 180- degree lockout in situations where you need to maximize torque with additional arm and shoulder rotation. The driver has magnetic bit retention and integrated storage to keep the included Philips and slotted screwdriver set accessible and secure. The bit driver is compatible with any ¼-inch bits so you customize the tool to make it work for you by carrying the bits you use most. The flat edge scraper can handle a variety of peeling or prying tasks and the bottle opener will be ready to open a cold drink after a long day. The Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating and black oxide finish provide improved abrasion- resistance, corrosion-resistance, and durability over uncoated tools so it will still look great and as it continues to perform. Be confident and prepared to face every day with the compact, pocket-friendly design.



In the heart of the rugged wilderness, with the fading light and a damaged campsite, you reach for the Titanium Block Multi-Tool. The 2.75” tanto blade swiftly carved through branches, creating fuel for a life-saving fire. The bottle opener cracked open a can of nourishing sustenance, while the locking magnetic bit driver ensured the tent held firm against the winds. As the stars emerge overhead, you realize that this ingenious tool wasn't just a multi-tool – it was a steadfast companion, turning adversity into triumph in the face of nature's unforgiving trials.

 California Prop 65 Warning


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