Collection: Planting Supplies

Treeplanting shovels have to be tough—very tough.  They get pounded into the ground thousands of times each day, they are used for prying apart hard soil and rocks and they need to last a couple of seasons or more.  We take great care in the design and manufacturing of every shovel to ensure that it will withstand the rigors of planting as well as make your planting as efficient as we can.

There simply is no other planting shovel like Bushpro's. All of the components for our shovels are specifically made to our specs. From handle to blade, each part is designed with strictly tree planting in mind and reinforced where other shovels fail. Bushpro's stainless steel shovels come with a LIFETIME warranty against blade breakage, bending or separation. No other planting shovel comes close to this level of guarantee!