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Skeeter Hawk

NEBO Mini Bug Zapper & Lantern

NEBO Mini Bug Zapper & Lantern

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Whether you’re spending time in the backyard or the backcountry, you deserve chemical-free protection from flying insects. The NEBO Mini Bug Zapper & Lantern can not only light up your space with its 150-lumen lantern, but it attracts and zaps all kinds of pests, including mosquitos, flies, gnats, June bugs, no- see-ums, and more.

NEBO’s dual-band UV attractant technology covers a wider range of the UV light spectrum than competitors relying on a single band UV. This superior, patent-pending technology entices pesky flying insects into the light where they are zapped by the powerful 700-volt electrical grid.

The USB-C rechargeable design can run for up to 16-hours on a full charge offering multiple nights of protection. The compact and lightweight design is comparable in size to a 12-oz soda can. It easily fits in a backpack for hiking, hunting and fishing or you can hang it from a tree branch at a campsite. It is also great for indoor use so you can place it in an RV, camper, or tent.

• 5 Light Modes
    UV Zapper: 16 Hours
    Lantern High: 150 Lumens / 5 Hours
    Lantern Low: 50 Lumens / 15 Hours
    High + UV Zap: 150 Lumens / 4 Hours
    Low + UV Zap: 50 Lumens / 8 Hours

• USB-C Rechargeable
• Push-Button Operation
• Protective Grid Guard
• Foldaway Handle/Hook
• Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Water Resistant
• No Chemical Insecticides
• Odorless & Fume-Free
• Durable Impact-Resistant Design
• Warranty: 1-Year


Flying insects come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you need a system that is effective against all types including flies, gnats, moths, June bugs, no-see-ums, mosquitos, and thousands of other flying pests.


While all zappers use UV light to attract and eliminate insects, only NEBO uses a patented, dual-band attractant technology to better target the wide variety of flying insects that key in on different UV light spectrums


The 700-volt electric grid is powerful, but whisper quiet, meaning no annoying hum or buzzing sounds. The 360˚ design attracts and zaps from any direction while the grid cover protects against small fingers and hands to avoid risk of shock.

Note: Zapping sounds are noticeable when bugs encounter the grid.

Accessories Included:
    1x Cleaning Brush
    1x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable

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