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Silky ZUBAT 300 (LG Teeth) Curved Pruning Saw (270-30)

Silky ZUBAT 300 (LG Teeth) Curved Pruning Saw (270-30)

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The ZUBAT 300 (LG Teeth) Curved Pruning Saw is your ideal companion for tough pruning jobs. With an 11.8-inch curved blade featuring LG teeth, it effortlessly cuts through thick branches. This best-selling, professional hand saw boasts a rust-resistant hard chrome-plated blade with 6.5 TPI and Silky's MIRAI-ME Technology for swift, clean cuts. Its molded-rubber handle and custom-fitted black polypropylene sheath provide comfort and security. Made in Japan, it's perfect for various pruning tasks and large branches, delivering superior design, strength, and balance.

More Information 

- 11.8" (300mm) blade length

- 6.5 TPI (7.5 TPI in a 30mm section) teeth configuration

- 0.6 lbs (280g) weight, 1 lb (460g) with sheath

- Includes a sturdy black polypropylene sheath with detachable belt holder

- Ideal for pruning, trimming, and lawn & garden tasks

- Covered by a limited lifetime warranty against material and workmanship defects

Product Features

• Material: Steel 

• Cutting Edge: Curved blade 

• Saw Length: 300mm 

• Handle: Ergonomic rubber handle 

• Tooth Pitch: 7mm 

• Tooth Style: Triple-Cut 

• Weight: 0.8kg 

• Suitable for cutting branches up to 3" in diameter 

• High visibility blade for easy cutting 

• Hardened blade for superior cutting performance 

• Compatible with universal saw blades 

• Non-slip grip handle for comfortable use

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