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Silky Saw Gomboy Curve Professional 210mm (717-21)

Silky Saw Gomboy Curve Professional 210mm (717-21)

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The Silky Saws Gomboy Curve Professional 210mm is the ultimate choice for arborists, landscapers, and gardeners. Its Mirai-Me blade features four cutting angles, ensuring clean, smooth cuts, whether you're rip-cutting, cross-cutting, or making slant cuts. With non-set teeth and impulse-hardened technology, this blade effortlessly reduces resistance for quicker, smoother, and easier cutting. Plus, the hard chrome plating offers exceptional durability, making it highly resistant to rust and resin buildup. Elevate your cutting game with the Gomboy Curve Professional 210mm by Silky Saws.

More Information

- Blade length: 210mm (8.3in)

- Teeth per inch: 6.8

- Authentic premium Japanese steel

- Custom carrying case included

- Micro patterned no-slip handle

Product Features 

•Material: Chrome-molybdenum alloy steel

•Length: 210 mm

•Weight: 0.35 lbs

•Blade Type: Curved

•Blade Thickness: 0.6 mm

•Teeth per Inch: 6.5

•Handle: Rubberized

•Handle Length: 135 mm

•Handle Width: 15 mm

•Blade Coating: Non-Stick

•Safety Lock: Yes

•Carry Case: Yes

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