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Silky Hibiki Ryoba 210 Woodworking Saw (X-Fine Teeth) (396-21)

Silky Hibiki Ryoba 210 Woodworking Saw (X-Fine Teeth) (396-21)

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In the Hibiki, Silky Japan has created an exceptional woodworking saw in the ryoba format (double-sided, pull-cut) for both ripping and cutting. The blade is chrome-plated and taper ground. The ripping side of the blade (top side) has 11 teeth per inch at the base for smooth starts and seven teeth per inch at the tip for productive rip cuts. The crosscutting side (bottom side) features 18.6 teeth per inch for a fast and ‘silky smooth’ cut.

The saw’s teeth are razor sharp blade and spaced for moving quickly through even the hardest of wood. Silky impulse-hardens the teeth on both sides of the blade, so they'll remain sharp considerably longer than conventional blades. The Hibiki comes with a snap-lock storage sheath for protection of the teeth and blade.

The aluminum alloy handle is rubber-gripped and coated for ergonomic comfort and secure handling. Woodworking craftsmen appreciate the exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality of this fine saw. The length of the handle and blade in the open position is 19-1/4"(490 mm) and has a kerf of 0.9 mm.

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COLOR: White
LENGTH:19.3 in
210 mm straight hand saw, 8.3-in blade 19.25-in overall length, 18.6 teeth per inch, .76 lbs

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