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Silky Sugowaza 420mm Saw (419-42)

Silky Sugowaza 420mm Saw (419-42)

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The Silky SUGOWAZA 420 (XL teeth) saw is the perfect tool for the professional landscaper.

The tooth tip to the back spine of the 16.5" (420mm) blade is tapered, which reduces resistance and provides faster, easier, and smoother cutting performance. Hard chrome plating creates a surface that is incredibly durable and resistant to rust and resin's effects. When superior Ono Japan NKS85 steel is combined with Silky's unique Mirai-Me tooth design, cutting performance and efficiency are unmatched.

A clean, smooth surface is left behind by the four cutting angles along the length of the blade. Cuts on the pull stroke demonstrate improved ergonomics and maximum control.

Rubber-insulated gloves are specifically protected from unintentional cuts by the saw teeth by the chrome-finished slip guard.

Simply remove the screws and slip guard to replace the blade if necessary. The large grooved rubber handle is comfy to hold, lessens vibration, and provides the best grip in chilly and slick environments. Every Sugowaza is delivered with a unique scabbard. D-rings and strap slots on the scabbard allow for attachment to a leg, belt, tool board, or curtain.
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