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Orion Bear Deterrent Launcher w Shells

Orion Bear Deterrent Launcher w Shells

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Keep an extra measure of protection on hand in bear country with the Orion® Bear Deterrent Launcher. This handy pistol-style launcher shoots loud blanks, delivering loud gunshot-like sounds topping 120 dB to scare off curious bears. Easy-to-use waterproof design fires and reloads easily. Lightweight 4 oz. launcher. Comes with 4 shells. Made in USA.
Manufacturer model #: 567.

  • Loud bear deterrent for bear country
  • Easy-to-use, pistol-style launcher
  • Gunshot-like sound - tops 120 dB
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight - 4 oz. launcher
  • Includes 4 shells
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