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Opinel No.10 Corkscrew Folding Knife

Opinel No.10 Corkscrew Folding Knife

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The perfect knife for picnics and parties! The No.10 folding knife is big enough to cut into your favorite loaf and easily handles cheese and cured meats. The beech wood handle houses a 5-turn steel corkscrew, which is sturdy enough to pull even the most stubborn of wine corks. Everything you need in a knife to enjoy the perfect picnic!

opinel no 10 corkscrew knife


The No.10 stainless steel corkscrew knife is perfect for picnics and parties. The No.10 folding knife is large enough to cut bread, cheese and meats with ease, and the integrated steel corkscrew is sturdy enough to pull even the most stubborn of wine corks.

The Opinel No10 size pocket knife is portable but substantial, built for larger cutting jobs or slicing through tough materials. You can bring it along while camping or hiking, keep it in your desk for workday lunches, carve into charcuterie, cheese or a crisp apple, or whittle a stick for campfire s’mores.


Opinel uses Sandvik(R) 12C27 Modified stainless steel. The Swedish steel is well known for its anti-corrosive properties which requires minimal upkeep. Its carbon content of at least 0.40% provides an excellent cutting edge which is also easy to keep sharp.

The patented VIROBLOC locking mechanism keeps your knife safely closed in your pocket and locks the blade open during use. The simplicity of the knife’s design and it’s sustainable wooden handle makes the knife lightweight too!

The 5-turn stainless steel corkscrew will make quick work of just about any wine cork. When closed it sits flush in the handle to stay out of the way while you are cutting.

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