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NEBO Flying Insect Trap (NO CHEMICALS)

NEBO Flying Insect Trap (NO CHEMICALS)

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No matter what we do, house flies, gnats, fruit flies, moths, and other flying insects always seem to find a way inside our homes, but getting rid of them doesn’t have to be a chore. NEBO’s Flying Insect Trap was designed to be the modern solution to this age old problem so you can forget about using ugly flypaper, chemical insecticides, or smelly sprays around your kids and pets.

NEBO’s superior, patent-pending technology uses dual-band UV light to entice pesky flying insects and trap them onto disposable glue cards for mess-free cleanup. The double-sided glue card design provides twice the coverage area to successfully trap insects from any direction. The minimalist design blends with any décor while concealing and shielding the glue cards from view so you can place them in a kitchen, bathroom, foyer, garage, or near fruit bowls, house plants or trash bins.

Simply insert a glue card, plug the trap into a 100-240V outlet and let it work to provide 24/7 pest defense. Check the trap on a weekly basis and dispose or replace the glue card after 21 days or when full. It’s time to get rid of those pests so they don’t become permanent guests


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