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Motorola T600C H2O Series Walkie Talkie

Motorola T600C H2O Series Walkie Talkie

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Stay connected during your wildest outdoor adventures.

With a rugged, fully waterproof** design and a 35-mile range*, the TALKABOUT T600 H2O Series walkie-talkies keep you connected and protected. 

The T600 H2O Series walkie-talkies are packed with valuable radio features, like its floating capabilities and flashlight. And, the T600’s flashlight activates upon impact with water, so you don’t have to worry about losing your device. The T600 H2O Series’ long battery life, dual power and USB-C charging allow you to stay charged and maintain peace-of-mind during adventures.

Whether it’s during outdoor adventures or emergency situations, the T600’s feature set will keep you connected and prepared.

*How far can I expect my radios to communicate?

The communication range quoted is calculated based under optimum conditions, with an unobstructed line of sight.  Actual range will vary depending on terrain and conditions, and is often less than maximum possible. Your actual range will be limited by several factors including, but not limited to, terrain, weather conditions, electromagnetic interference and obstructions.


    • Up to 35 mile range* 
    • 22 channels + 121 privacy codes
    • Built-in water activated flashlight
    • White LED and red flashlight options
    • Floats face up
    • USB-C charging
    • Dual power
    • Battery life up to 9 Hours with rechargeable NiMH
    • Battery life up to 23 Hours with 3 AA batteries
    • Push-to-talk Power Boost
    • IP67 waterproof**
    • NOAA Weather Channel and alerts
    • Emergency alerts
    • Compatible with any FRS or GMRS radio
    • iVOX/VOX hands-free
    • VibracallTM
    • Customize call tones 
    • Keypad lock functionality

    **This radio meets IP67 standards. It will withstand submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes. Radio floats with included NiMH battery. It may not float with some AA batteries. Use of headset should be in dry environments.

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