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Lynac 51.2V 130Ah – Peak Series Battery

Lynac 51.2V 130Ah – Peak Series Battery

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Our 51.2V 130Ah Smart Lithium Ion (LFP) Battery is designed to deliver peak power output.
This super simple drop-in replacement for Electric Boats, Trolling Motors and Golf Carts will severely boost performance while saving a ton of weight and space. Includes Bluetooth Monitoring.

Welcome to the pinnacle of Power output for LFP Smart batteries. The Peak Series is engineered to bring you a compact, drop-in ready boost for Electric Boats - Golf Carts - Trolling Motors. Our high output BMS comes loaded with all the latest monitoring and protection features that will not be beaten.

Rated Capacity: 51.2V 130Ah, 6656Wh
Nominal Voltage: 51.2 Vdc
Cycle Life: 2000 @ 0.2C (100% DOD), 6000 @ 0.2C (80% DOD), 10000 @ 0.2C (50% DOD)
Dimensions: Group Fit, 6 x GC2H 522 x 543 x 275mm (20.55” x 21.38” x 10.8”)
Weight: 64.5kg (141.9lbs)
Battery Management System: Software Adjustable Setpoints, Bluetooth Monitoring, Charge balancing. Protection for excess Current, Voltage, Short Circuits, Full Range Temperature.
Cells: 26650 - 3.2Vdc - 3600mAh - LiFePO4, 8S 36P
Charging Method: Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC - CV): (0.2C to 51.2Vdc) - (51.2Vdc to 0.01C)
Voltage Limits: Charge: 51.2Vdc, Discharge: 26Vdc
Current Limits: Charge: 130Adc, Discharge: 130Adc continuous
Temperature Limits: Charge 0 ~ 45°C, Discharge -20 ~ 55°C, Storage -20 ~ 55°C
Connectivity: Parallel: Unlimited* (51.2Vdc)
Terminal Connector: Brass M8 Screw, Torque = 28N.m = 21ft.lbs
Ingress Protection: IP65

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