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Lynac 12V 3A LFP Smart Charger

Lynac 12V 3A LFP Smart Charger

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Power supply type charger, properly configured to provide fast efficient charging while maintaining the long-term health of the LFP battery.
Simple and lightweight 2 stage charge profile. Can be used with AGM, VLRA, and Gel batteries.

– Additional terminal adapter included.


DC Output: 3A 14.6V
AC Input: 96VAC - 264VAC, <1.3A
Max Power: 43.8W
Dimensions: L 116 x W 52 x H 33.8mm (4.6 x 2.0 x 1.3”)
Weight: 0.25kg
Life Expectancy: 50,000 Hours
Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ 75℃
Efficiency: 87% CEC
Protection Properties: Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Over Current, Current Backflow, Reverse Polarity
Ingress Protection: IP67
Power Factor Correction: >0.99
Charging Modes: Stage 1: Constant Current 3A, Stage 2: Constant Voltage 14.6V
LED Charge Indicator: Red - Charging, Green - Charged
Terminal Connections: PP15 Anderson Connector

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