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Lightfield 12 Gauge Mid-range Rubber Slug Ammunition

Lightfield 12 Gauge Mid-range Rubber Slug Ammunition

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Wildlife control specialists turn to rubber slug ammunition as a last resort in preventing a dangerous bear or wildlife encounter. The Lightfield 12 Gauge Midrange Rubber Slug Ammunition is the product you hope you never have to use.

The Mid-range Rubber Slug is an impact projectile intended for ranges out to 40 yards (37m). The 130 gr. slug has a patented design increasing the contact within the barrel causing the projectile to be properly oriented on exit from the muzzle. Once in flight the open based design creates enhanced aerodynamic stability superior to that of the fin stabilized slugs.

5 per package.

Must be used in an open choke shotgun.


  • For use with 12 gauge, open choke shotguns only
  • Proof of valid PAL and drivers licence at purchase
  • 2 3/4 shell
  • Effective range: 40 yards (37m)
  • 130 gr. slug travels @ 550 fps
  • 5 per package
  • SKU: 5571M

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