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Kodiak Sport Neoprene Bear Spray Holster

Kodiak Sport Neoprene Bear Spray Holster

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Bear spray is only as useful as your ability to access it when needed. During a dangerous bear or wildlife encounter you may not have time to dig around in your pack for your bear spray.

The Kodiak Sport Bear Spray Holster is our lightweight, minimalist holster that keeps your bear spray ready for when you need it. The fitted neoprene material ensures your bear spray wont go anywhere while the nylon loop gives you the ability to attach the holster to your belt, backpack or other convenient location.


  • 225g and 325g sizes
  • Lightweight neoprene material
  • Nylon loop for attaching to belt or backpack
  • SKU: NHB (225g)
  • SKU: NHB-01 (325g)
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