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Increment Borer - 4.3mm Core, 3-Thread PRE ORDER ONLY

Increment Borer - 4.3mm Core, 3-Thread PRE ORDER ONLY

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Haglöf Sweden increment borers are well-known worldwide and the largest borer brand. Haglöf borers have blue handles in grip friendly plastic material and a metallic lock. The borer bits are made from hardened steel with PTFE coating for protection and reduced friction. The extractors are produced in stainless steel with metallic head and special design for easy core extraction of the wood core.

Haglöf Sweden borers are optimized for growth and quality control in trees and used in management, planning and for scientific studies, such as:

  • Average age of a stand or exact age of individual trees
  •  Forest health and to predict future growth
  • Calculate site index of a stand
  • Environmental control, soil fertility and fertilization effects
  • Disease, insect attacks, and the structural condition of the tree
  • Quality control by examining wood density
  • Control of the environment outside the tree, such as water and soil quality through laboratory analysis of the tree core
  • Chemical studies to determine suitability for different purposes and to check impregnation depth


Haglöf increment borers are 2- or 3 threaded.

2-threaded borers are recommended when drilling in hardwood, with a slower penetration in the wood and less friction and stress onto the material.

3-threaded borers will penetrate the wood faster and is suitable for most types of wood.



Haglof borers are available in 4 core diameters: 4.3mm/0.169", 5.15mm/0.20", 10mm/0.39", 12mm/0.48"


Lengths are available from 100 mm/ 4" up to 1000 mm/39".

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