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Haglof MANTAX BLACK - mm Scale

Haglof MANTAX BLACK - mm Scale

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• Patented technology for foldable jaws only with Haglöf Sweden Calipers

• Comfortable handle for all hand sizes

• Approved and tested by independent institutes

• Various scale configurations and durable, non-wear print

• Can be ordered with factory installed Gator Eyes laser pointers 


Mantax Black calipers are extra rugged with a comfortable handle, high-quality aluminum measuring scale, clear and durable graduation on both sides of the scale and patented foldable jaws. The Mantax Black caliper is an excellent choice for economic, fast and accurate diameter measuring of standing trees and tree trunks. Mantax Black is smooth to operate and easy to carry, especially when the jaws are folded flat. Available in scale lengths and graduations from 500mm or 18” up to 950mm or 36” with the extra durable Haglöf caliper scale print on both sides of the non-reflecting aluminum scale to ensure accurate readings for many seasons. Mantax Black models are also available in special crowned/certified lengths 500mm; 600mm; 800mm and 1000 mm. Mantax Black can be accessorized with factory installed Gator Eyes laser pointers with special scale print in selected models

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