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GV Snowshoes

GVC Expedition Snowshoes (Unisex)

GVC Expedition Snowshoes (Unisex)

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GV Expedition Snowshoes (Unisex) 

 The perfect shoe for OFF TRIAL OR ON TRAIL! The snowshoe that does not discriminate - Unisex, a little snow or a whole bunch, bring it on because with these snowshoes NOTHING will stop you from getting to where you plan to go.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Polyurethane decking
  • Padded bindings with Luxor buckles
  • Soft pivot bar
  • Heel raised bar



SIZE: Weight: User Weight Off-Trail:
20 X 64 CM / 8 X 25 '' 1.6 kg 27-63 kg
23 X 76 CM / 9 X 30 '' 2.12 kg 36-77 kg
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