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ECO Fire Sticks (18 per box)

ECO Fire Sticks (18 per box)

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Eco Firesticks are the perfect solution to start fire both in nature and at home.

They are a “green” and environmental-friendly fire starter based ona special technology (currently pending patent).

These firesticks are perfectly safe for use.

They are made of two ecologically clean components:
Natural Cotton
Food grade paraffin wax

This composition ensures that the sticks provide safe and stable fire for about 10 minutes (enough time for making a stable BBQ or stove warm-up to the perfect condition).

This achieved with no unpleasant side-effects, such as nasty smell, residues, scent of oil, explosives and other dangerous attributes of starting a fire.

These were created in order to assure the safest experience of starting a fire both in nature or at home, as well as for a fireplace or for grilling meat. The sticks are flexible, so your can twist them in any way you see fit in order to achieve the desired effect fast and with no hassle.

It is as simple as counting to 2: twist, light up and go!

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