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Backroad GPS TOPO Maps - SD Card - YK

Backroad GPS TOPO Maps - SD Card - YK

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Land of the Midnight Sun

Yukon is the westernmost of Canada's northern territories and is home to much of the country's remaining untouched wilderness. Mighty rivers flow through jaw-dropping mountain ranges, caribou roam the steppes in the thousands and a vibrant First Nations culture maintains thousands-of-years-old traditions amid some of the world's most impressive natural landscapes. Whether you are taking on a multi-week paddle along one of Yukon's pristine watersheds, catching a glimpse of the northern lights from a secluded campsite or enjoying a libation at a historic gold rush-era saloon, Yukon is brimming with adventure.

Yukon Backroad GPS at a Glance:

  • Designed for industry use and outdoor recreationists, this product combines all of Yukon into one Backroad GPS Map.
  • Over 280,000 km of our backroads network combined into one map, including over 63,500 km of routable roads.
  • Searchable Oil and Gas Grid locations.
  • Marked Game Management Zones for hunters.
  • Address Search tool makes navigating easier than ever.
  • Lake bathymetry (depth contours) for Yukon's main fishing lakes
  • Thousands of kilometers of ATV Trails, snowmobile routes, multi-use hiking, biking and cross-country skiing trails and paddling routes, with marked trailheads and access points/portages.
  • Thousands of fishing hotspots, parks and conservation areas, campsites, hunting areas, winter recreation areas and more.
  • Over 40,000 land and water geographic features.
  • Enhanced cartography for improved display of parks, conservation areas, creeks and activity Points of Interest

So Much More Than Just Maps!

Backroad Mapbooks’ industry-leading, Garmin-licensed Yukon GPS Maps are the most detailed, comprehensive and up-to-date GPS maps available on the market. These are the maps of choice for recreation, industry, and search-and-rescue, with 3D views, shaded relief and countless geographic and activity based points-of-interest. Updated annually, these GPS maps are Garmin licensed for compatibility with Garmin GPS and Garmin Basecamp. Available in Micro SD format, these Yukon GPS Maps are easy to install and use and bring all of the detail of our wildly popular Backroad Mapbook series directly to your GPS device or computer. Keep your adventure rolling with the latest topographic data, routable roads, oil and gas data, Game Management Zones, trails, rec sites, paddling routes, scenic viewpoints and so much more. With the latest edition of our Yukon GPS Maps in hand, your options for adventure are limitless.


Yukon Backroad GPS Map Features

    • Garmin-licensed & compatible with Garmin GPS™, Basecamp™, MapSource™ and RoadTrip™.
    • Includes all standard Garmin features such as Find tool, city navigation and more.
    • Compatible with the brand new Garmin 66i Unit and inReach technology.
    • Preloaded 1:20,000 / 1:50,000 base scale seamless topographic maps.
    • Provides 3D views and the highest level of map detail available on select Garmin GPS units and Basecamp™.
    • The most complete Resource, Industry, and Logging road coverage available for the Yukon.
    • Extensive routable road network including City, Resource, and Industry Roads.
    • Highlights thousands of kilometres of trail systems, including defined ATV, Paddling, Snowmobile, Long distance & Multi-use trails.
    • Features smart background & Searchable Game Management Zones for hunters.
    • Includes National, Provincial, Regional, and other Parks & Campsites.
    • Extras like Lake & Stream Fishing information with boat launches, paddling access points, bathymetric data and more.
    • Searchable BRMB descriptions and activity information for fishing, paddling, parks, trails and more.
    • Thousands of Searchable cities, Geographic Land, and Water features.
    • Features Address searching to aid navigation.
    • Industry leading cartographic contours and shaded relief for all of the Yukon.
    • And much more!


Explore More by Using the Search Function

Search highly descriptive point of interest and recreation site write ups geo-referenced from our popular Backroad Mapbook guide book series.

Note: Backroad Extras or Points of Interest can be searched by selecting the Where To/Find > Extras and then Go! option, or read what each site offers through the More option.

Unique Road Classifications

Unique to the Backroad GPS Maps are our enhanced road classifications that help you distinguish the highways from the logging roads and the main roads from the side roads. This extra level of road classification helps you to know which roads can be driven in a car and which ones should be left to a four-wheel drive vehicle or ATV.

In addition, we offer more recreational points and symbols than any other map source. From RV accessible to backcountry campsites, hiking to snowmobiling trailheads, fishing to paddling access points, we have your adventure covered. Our area classifications include mines and gravel pits, conservation and restricted areas, and a host of other features that help you to see where you can play.

Get More Roads and Trails

Boasting more roads and trails than any other GPS maps, our road tracking classifications allow you to easily distinguish main industrial or logging roads from rarely travelled unclassified roads. Access over 80,000 km of routable city and rural roads, with 3 levels of industry roads (forest service, resource and recreational) along with over 201,000 km of non-routable roads including unclassified and private roads. Over 9,700 km of multi-use trails are separated for use by hikers, bikers and horseback riders, along with close to 12,000 km of ATV and Snowmobile motorized trails. Trails are updated and expanded with the help of government agencies, off-road clubs and customers who contribute their own data.

Yukon Road and Trail Highlights:

  • 80,000+ kilometres of Routable Roads including city roads, rural roads and 3 levels of Logging Roads (Industrial, Resource and Winter Access Roads)
  • 201,000+ kilometres of non-routable roads including Old Logging Roads, Unclassified Roads, Alleyways, Leased and Private Roads and more
  • 32,000+ kilometres of Trails for hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and cross-country skiers, including 9,700+ kilometres of multi-use trails, 23,000 kilometres of bush trails and cutlines and over 1,500 kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail
  • Close to 6,500 kilometres of Snowmobile Trails
  • 5,300+ kilometres of ATV-QUAD Trails
  • 12,500+ kilometres of Paddling Routes
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