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ADLER Splitting Hatchet/1250g/Hickory Handle/Safety Sleeve/Premium

ADLER Splitting Hatchet/1250g/Hickory Handle/Safety Sleeve/Premium

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The Short Splitter is designed to allow for maximum splitting power. The substantial head weight combined with a shorter handle enables the user to split even the most stubborn wood and logs.

This tool is designed to be used with both hands in order to grip it properly and allow for force to be applied optimally. The “wings” on the side of the axe head are designed to separate the wood effectively so that it will not be brought back up when the user is pulling the axe up for the next strike.

Includes a heavy duty leather sheath with snaps which is made in Lithuania.

Adler Premium Short Splitter Splitting Hatchet 280.0H125A211 specifications

  • 2.7 pound head
  • 4 pounds total
  • 19.6 inch handle length
  • Wood and round metal wedge to mount head
  • USA-sourced hickory with ergonomic shape
  • Anti-slip black paint with red
  • C45 steel
  • 47-55 Rockwell C hardness
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