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WindPaddle Scout Sail

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  • The WindPaddle ?Scout? was recently added to our line-up as an entry-level sail to be used in low-medium winds. Solo kayakers will appreciate its ease of use, lightweight and forgiving manner. Built for the casual or recreational paddler in mind.
  • Target boat ? solo rec. boat to touring kayak 8 ? 15 feet. Target wind range ? 4 ? 13 knots Target paddler ? novice to intermediate Off-wind sailing envelope ? approx. 150 degrees.
  • Tech corner: Scout Deployed diameter - 42" (106.7 cm.) Coiled/folded diameter - 15" (38.1 cm.) Sail area - 9.62 sq. ft. (0.8937 sq. m²) Weight - 12 oz. (0.34 kg.), Wind Range - 4-20 knots of wind. (2-5 BFT)
  • All WindPaddle sails launch and fly from the on-deck position. It can be set up for instant self-launching either before sailing or while out on the water so there's no need to return to shore to launch your sail!
  • We have built this sail with a soft batten that holds sail shape, yet is pliable enough that it almost coils/folds itself!. For an entry-level sail that will pull you quickly downwind yet easy enough for kids 8-80 to handle, the ?Scout? is the sail to own.