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Lynac Sol-Ark 5K All In One Solar Battery System

Lynac Sol-Ark 5K All In One Solar Battery System

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The new Sol-Ark 5K all-in-one solar generator system, with its color-touch display,  can be used off-grid or on-grid and without batteries.
This revolutionary solar hybrid inverter provides 5kW power continuous power with No Glitch Transfer Switch.

Hybrid Inverter Reduces Costs by Over 30%

The most advanced system available on the market pairs perfectly with our 48V 200ah Solarwall LFP batteries. Take your Solar energy system to the top, stay in command of your energy.


Max Output power: 6500W

Max DC voltage: 500V

MPPT Channels: 2

Max DC current per MPPT: 10A

Nominal battery input voltage: 48V

Battery charging output: 120A

Peak efficiency: 96.0%

Shipping weight: 78 lb

Shipping dimensions: 30.0 x 18.3 x 10.0 in

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