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RSK- 1 Trailer

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Made in Canada, the RSK-I trailer is the equipment of choice for your off-road adventures and outdoor chores. Its unique design allows for easy navigation around obstacles; making it perfect for wooded areas. This is also an excellent choice for ice fishing or behind the back of an Argo.

The RSK-I trailer's unique features include:
- Fiberglass construction that is lightweight, durable and DOES NOT RUST
- 13 inch clearance to bottom of deck
- Axle entirely encased in the deck
- Wheels that do not extend beyond the deck width
- An all-terrain vehicle that drives across streams and through the woods, on trails and on snow.

Length: 2.34M / 8 FT
Width: 1.22M / 4 FT
Height: 0.61M / 2 FT
Weight: 64 KG / 140 LB
Capacity: 690 KG / 1500 LB
Inside Volume: 0.4M3 / 14 FT3
Clearance Under Deck: 0.33M / 13 IN
Wheels: Ball Bearings
Tires: 22x11-8
Hitch: 2 Inch