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NEW EchoMAP UHD + Livescope Portable/All-Season Bundles 2021

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Save money and time with our EchoMAP UHD Portable and Livescope All-Season Bundles. No need to worry about which kit is compatible with what screen from which year; by pre-packaging the screens with the compatible portable kit for each, we have done the thinking for you! 

Looking for a version without a battery? Click here!

For more information on any of the components of these kits click the link below:

EchoMAP UHD 75sv with GT56 & G3 Maps
EchoMAP UHD 92sv
EchoMAP UHD 92sv with GT56
EchoMAP UHD 95sv with GT56 & G3 Maps

Panoptix Livescope System
Large Portable Ice Fishing Kit
Extra Large Bag
12Ah Battery
Panoptix Power Cable
Panoptix Ice Mount
Smart Charger OR Garmin Charger