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Lynac 12.8V 100Ah – Crank Series Battery

Lynac 12.8V 100Ah – Crank Series Battery

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Our Crank Series batteries are our only batteries that you can charge directly from your alternator.
These lightweight batteries are the most powerful 100Ah battery on the market!
Upgrade your boat, car or any other alternator battery to our Crank Series and reap the benefits of lithium power.

Lightweight engine cranking power with up to 1800A peak discharge and 1200CCA equivalence. Crank Series can charge directly from an Alternator.


Rated Capacity: 100Ah @ (0.2C) (25℃), 1280Wh
Nominal Voltage: 12.8 Vdc
Cycle Life: 2000 @ 0.2C (100% DOD), 6000 @ 0.2C (80% DOD), 10000 @ 0.2C (50% DOD)
Dimensions: Group Fit, 31 330 × 172 × 215mm 12.99” x 6.77” x 8.46”
Weight: 12.3kg (27.6lbs)
Battery Management System: Charge balancing, Protection for excess current voltage, short circuits.
Cells: 4S5P Prismatic 3.2V 20Ah LFP
Charging Method: Constant Current - Constant Voltage (CC - CV): (0.2C to 14.4Vdc) - (14.4Vdc to 0.01C)
Voltage Limits: Charge: 14.6Vdc, Discharge: 10Vdc
Current Limits: Charge: 50Adc, Discharge: 100Adc continuous
Temperature Limits: Charge 0 ~ 45°C, Discharge -20 ~ 55°C, Storage -20 ~ 55°C
Connectivity: Series: 4 Units (51.2Vdc 100Ah), Parallel: Unlimited* (12.8Vdc)
Terminal Connector: Double, Pole + M8 Terminal Stud, Torque = 28N.m =
Ingress Protection: IP44

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