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Leica DISTO D810 Touch

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Touch screen, save and measure in pictures

disto d810 touch display

Go ahead, touch it

The large touch screen and icon based interface allow you to easily select functions and take measurements. Use familiar gestures like swiping to change menus, or use two fingers to increase or decrease your zoom. Avoid accidentally moving the Disto D810 by taking the measurement using the touch screen.

A picture is worth a thousand words measurements

Capture the width, height, area or even the diameter of any object easily with a single measurement. Best results are achieved when the measuring object is displayed maximum size on the D810 screen and measured at a right angle. In such case the accuracy is below 1% of the measured object.

Measure widths, heights & areas
You measure at right angles to the object. The object appears in the display and then you can mark the required dimension with the arrows. The display then shows the value. In this way you can, for example, measure the width, height and area of an advertising board using only one distance measurement.
In-Picture Area Video
Diameter measurement
Measure to the center of the object with the device. The object appears in the display and then you can mark the diameter with the arrows. The display then shows the result. This function is ideal, for example, for determining the diameter of a tree trunk.

In-Picture Diameter Video

Connect and transfer - fast and accurate

Connect and transfer measurements to apple, android, and windows 8 devices wirelessly. Multiple data transfer modes ensure a solution for your application including the ability to transfer the measurement on the display as keyboard input to the cursor position in any app or program. Modes include app, text, or spreadsheet.

Compatible with:
  • Apple - iPhone 4s and newer, iPad Mini (all generations), iPad 3 and newer, iPod touch (5th generation and newer)
  • Android - Hardware supports Bluetooth 4.0, OS Android 4.3 or higher
  • Windows - Hardware supports Bluetooth 4.0, OS Windows 8 or higher

Precision at the core

The Disto D810 offers multiple indirect measuring functions. Due to the specially developed tilt sensor the results are very precise. The digital point-finder and overview camera allow you to target and take measurements in bright sunlight or unfavorable conditions with 1x, 2x and 4x zoom levels.

  Tilt Measurement   Smart Horizontal Mode
  Height Tracking   Profile Measurement
See all Disto D810 Functions

Throw out your notepad

Replace the classic notepad by drawing sketches and applying measurement results directly to them. Name measurement lines, or draw directly on a photograph. You can also email sketches directly from the job site to the office for further processing.

Disto Sketch App Video

Capture and document with photos

Take pictures for record purposes and download them to your computer using the USB interface. The integrated overview camera gives you more image information. With tricky measurements for example, you can photograph and record target points or specific features.

The screen shot function is excellent for recording information about measurements. You can save all information appearing in the display, i.e. the measurement results and the view of the Point-finder, and then transfer it over the USB interface to a computer. This ensures every measurement is always clearly identified.

Photos are stored in 800x600 resolution, screen shots 240x400 All images are saved in jpg format.

Proven Accuracy and Repeatability

The Disto D810 by Leica Geosystems is compliant to ISO 16331-1, which is a new industry standard developed by an international committee. The range and accuracy of laser distance meters depend greatly on light conditions and how reflective the targeted surface is.

Many distance meters can achieve great results in a controlled laboratory environment, but let's face it, most measuring does not take place in the ideal environment. Leica worked with external experts to help develop and create a standard by which laser distance meters can be tested and compared with each other.