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LedLenser NEO4 Headlamp (various colours)

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Simple design with clean lines, light weight, and a rear-facing red safety light make the pink LEDLENSER NEO4 Headlamp a good choice for after-dark jogging, cycling, and dog walking. But with 240 lumens of peak output, dimmable to suit conditions, this 3.5-ounce lamp is suited to any situation where you need hands-free light—changing a tire at night, rummaging through a dark closet, DIY repairs in your basement or attic, etc. The lamp head tilts to aim light right where you need it. Operating modes include Power, Low Power, and Blink, all controlled by a single push-button switch on the right side of the lamp. There's a low-battery warning to prevent unpleasant surprises, and a Transportation Lock mode so the light won't be activated accidentally while in transit. The NEO4 carries an IP57 water-resistance rating, so a little wet weather is no cause for concern. A fresh set of three AAA batteries will power the light for six hours on high power and 40 hours on low.


  • Low: 20 lumens
  • High: 240 lumens
  • Dimmable for just the right amount of light
  • Runtime range: 6-40 hours, depending on output
  • Rear-facing red safety light
  • Blink mode


  • Push-button switch on side of lamp
  • Click to cycle through output settings
  • Transportation Lock mode prevents accidental activation while in transit


  • IP57-rated water resistant
  • Adjustable elastic headband with reflective markings
  • Lamp can be tilted for precise beam placement
  • Rear-mounted battery pack distributes weight for comfort
  • Runs on three AAA batteries