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Led Lenser M7 LED Flashlight

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The LED Lenser M7 is a high power lighting instrument that puts out 220 lumens and a 650 foot beam of light. The M7 features the Advanced Focus System (AFS), which is the patented technology that combines a reflector and lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading. The Rapid Focus system enables the user to quickly focus the beam with just one-hand. The Focus Lock system keeps the bezel from moving when holstering and unholstering throughout the day. The M7 has 3 light programs (Easy, Professional & Defense) with a total of 8 settings: Morse Code (or momentary-on), Boost, High Power, Low Power, Dim (stageless adjustment), Blink, S.O.S. and Defense Strobe.