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Leatherman - SKELETOOL CX

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The Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi-Tool features stainless steel construction with a stainless finish and seven tools that include the following: a 2.6" 154CM straight locking blade, two sets of pliers, two double-sided screwdrivers, and two sets of regular/hard-wire cutters. The diamond-like carbon coating on the Skeletool CX provides extra durability and wear-resistance. The Skeletool CX has a replaceable pocket clip and attached carabiner that help keep it within arm's reach.

The nylon sheath is made from ballistic material and has a touch fastened closure. The Skeletool CX features clamshell packaging, and it's assembled in the USA.


  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • Wire Cutters
  • 154CM Knife
  • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • Large Bit Driver
  • Features:

    • Outside access and larger thumbholes make one-handed opening quick and easy.
    • Made from high-grade, heat-treated stainless steel.
    • Has a 154 cm stainless steel blade, pliers, bit driver, pocket clip, and carabiner/bottle opener.
    • 7 different tools to help you work through whatever life throws at you.
    • Pliers with built-in wire cutters.
    • Bit driver customizes the tool.
    • Locking blade keeps fingers safe.
    • Tungsten DLC scratch-resistant coating on body.
    • Carbon-fibre handle scale.
    • Bit storage in handle.
    • Carbon-fibre handle scale.
    • Bit storage in handle.