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Industrial RediMark Metal Barrel Permanent Markers - 1ct

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RediMark Permanent Markers are the ultimate choice for superior durability. The 6-inch metal barrel is perfect for tough work environments. These sturdy markers won’t crack, melt, or break. They feature a leak-proof, seamless metal body and a heavy-duty chisel felt-tip with anchored nib construction. The permanent, alcohol based, fast drying ink is fade resistant on glass, plastic, metals, wood, cellophane, paper and virtually any porous and non-porous surface. More than a writing and art products company, Dixon Ticonderoga empowers people to take conscious and subliminal thoughts, facts, ideas and dreams, and preserve them using tools that are simply extensions of themselves.

  • Heavy duty metal barrel
  • Chisel/Barrel felt-tip with anchored nib construction
  • Fast drying, permanent ink
  • PMA Certified Non-toxic

Great for working in tough conditions and writing on anything...especially flagging tape!