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The Vertex IV ultrasound instrument system is a true 'work horse' that will hand you accurate and reliable measurement results in most forest terrains and conditions. This is also our best selling instrument and the professional foresters' preference for accurate height, distance and horizontal distance measuring.

Ultrasound distance measuring - great accuracy and proven reliability in the forest
Works in dense vegetation
Audible beep signal for measuring results
Low battery consumption
Reference users worldwide
BAF function
Bluetooth® and IR transmitter

The Vertex IV is delivered with a lanyard and in an aluminum safety and transport case.




With the well proven ultrasound measurement method and a high-visibility cross hair sight, the Vertex IV offers accurate distance readings also in thick undergrowth. 

The ultrasound method works great in sample plot surveys, for distances up to approx. 30m/98ft, in dense forests and where there are difficulties to target. Sample Plots with Ultrasound




Fast and accurate two-point measurement with the Vertex IV system.

Fasten the T3 transponder to the tree at any height,
walk a distance of your choice and measure as many heights on each object as you wish,
with the four last measured heights shown in the display

  1. Aim at the transponder, press the button and read the distance to the object.
  2. Aim to the height you want to measure, press the button and read the height on the Vertex instrument display.



Measure slope in the terrain and have it presented to you in degrees, grads and percentage. Angle and Inclination



In sample plot inventory work it is important to use the correct radius measurement.The ultrasound method is very suitable for this application.



Working with factor gauge or prisms can be difficult when some trees cover others in the forest. Poor sighting can prevent a correct diameter measuring.

With the Vertex IV built in BAF function, the minimum tree diameter for trees to be included in the plot can be featured. Basal Area (BAF)



Communicate with IR or Bluetooth. Transfer values to the MD II or DP II calipers, or other handheld units with HAGLOF dataformat.