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GPS Maps SD Card - Eastern Canada V8

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A Land of Endless Adventure!

Stretching from Ontario to the Atlantic Coast, Eastern Canada is a land as diverse as it is beautiful. In Ontario, interconnected lake systems team with hungry sportfish while moose roam the surrounding woods. In the wilds of Quebec, the ancient Canadian Shield landscape juts against the epic waterway of the St Lawrence River, leading to the Maritime Provinces further east.

As you move across New Brunswick, the forest gives way to the Atlantic Coast, where the most powerful tides in the world have spent centuries carving out dazzling rock formations. Famous for its Acadian and Gaelic heritage, Nova Scotia offers endless coastal views and the breathtaking wilderness of Cape Breton Island, while a short trip to Prince Edward Island brings you to some of the East Coast’s most scenic beaches. Last but not least, Newfoundland and Labrador serve as Canada’s easternmost frontier, where whales swim through cliff-lined fjords and a vast backcountry beckons to be explored.

Map Coverage Includes:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island

Map Scale: 1:10,000 - 1:50,000

Eastern Canada Backroad GPS Maps at a Glance

  • Specifically designed for outdoor recreation enthusiasts, this product combines all of Eastern Canada into one Backroad GPS Map, from Ontario to Newfoundland and Labrador. This edition also includes Quebec geographic base features and Adventures.
  • Over 1,610,000 km of our backroads network combined into one map, including over 580,000 km of routable roads.
  • Lake Bathymetry depth contour for almost 1,500 fishing lakes, rivers, and streams in Ontario.
  • Labelled Crown Land for all of Nova Scotia, Ontario and New Brunswick.
  • Marked Wildlife Management Zones, including Wildlife Management Units, Moose, Cariboo, and Deer Management Areas for hunting.
  • Thousands of kilometres of ATV Trails, snowmobile routes, multi-use hiking, biking and cross-country skiing trails and paddling routes, with marked trailheads and access points/portages.
  • Tens of thousands of fishing hotspots, parks and conservation areas, campsites, hunting areas, winter recreation areas and more.
  • Over 200,000 land and water geographic features.
  • Enhanced cartography for improved display of parks, conservation areas, Crown land, creeks and activity Points of Interest

Eastern Canada Custom POI Highlights

  • 400+ Hunting Areas including: 150+ Wildlife Management Units in ON, 100+ Zones de Chasse in QC, 100+ Moose/Cariboo Management Areas in NL, 25+ Wildlife Management Zones in NB and 20+ Moose/Deer Management Zones in NS
  • Fishing Lakes and Rivers with 10,000+ locations with descriptions and fish species
  • Close to 5,000 Boat Launch locations
  • Close to 5,000 Trails with front country and backcountry locations and descriptions
  • Snowmobile Trails with close to 900 trailheads/staging areas and descriptions
  • ATV Trails with close to 550 trailheads/staging areas and descriptions
  • Parks with close to 9,000 National, Provincial, Regional Parks and Conservation Areas with descriptions
  • 4,200+ Backcountry campsites
  • 1,600+ Campground and Picnic locations
  • Paddling with 8,000+ paddling route access points descriptions and portage locations
  • 590+ Winter Recreation Sites and Downhill Ski Areas
  • 780+ Wildlife Viewing locations and descriptions
  • 14,600+ City, Town and Community locations
  • 200,000+ searchable land and water geographic features