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Garmin G2 Vision BlueChart Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods Map Card (010-c0697-00)

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Bring even richer detail to your compatible device with this premium version of Garmin Lakes. With enhanced Vision features, this mapping product has satellite imagery, 3-D maps and Auto Guidance for many of the most popular waterways in the West.

Features thousands of freshwater lakes, reservoirs and rivers throughout the North Central region, specifically: freshwater lakes in North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin as well as full coverage of lakes that extend into neighboring states.

  • Displays detailed shorelines, shaded depth contours, coastlines, streams, channels, boat ramps, fuel stations, marinas, campgrounds and fishing locations (where available)
    • Includes:
    • High resolution satellite imagery (selected lakes only¹), providing you with unparalleled situational awareness
    • MarinerEye view (selected lakes only¹), showing your surroundings in 3-D so you can gauge your position quickly and reliably
    • FishEye view (selected lakes only¹), showing your surroundings below the waterline in 3-D, including bathymetric detail
    • Auto Guidance (selected lakes only¹), which searches map data to recommend the best passage to a destination
    • Safety Shading so you can input and shade minimum depth on your compatible device
  • Provides data on tide prediction stations
  • Shows interstates, highways and general roads to help you get to the water