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Esbit Solid Fuel 12pc

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Esbit solid fuel tablets are ideal for backpacking, camping, and hobby use, as well as home and auto emergency kits. Esbit 14 g solid fuel tablets will burn approximately 12 minutes each and up to 1300°F (760°C) with each tablet able to boil 500 ml of water in about 8 minutes. These solid fuel tablets work at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures, are smokeless, leave almost no ash, and they do not liquefy. Esbit solid fuel tablets make exceptional campfire starters, and if kept dry that will last for 10+ years. Esbit solid fuel tablets light easily, can be snuffed out, and if kept dry, will relight again. They are individually contained in waterproof packaging, and their long shelf-life makes them an excellent survival or emergency essential. They work equally well for the solo hiker, camper or hobbyist.

Product Details

  • Virtually smokeless and residue-free solid fuel tablets used to cook and heat food and beverages, boil water, or start campfires
  • Contains 12 tablets; each 14 g tablet burns approximately 12 minutes and up to 1300°F; one tablet boils 500 ml of water in about 8 minutes
  • Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures; ignites with match or lighter
  • Tablets are individually packed in waterproof packaging; can be stored for 10+ years
  • Great for emergency preparedness planning
  • Use with Esbit or other solid fuel stoves
  • Strong heating output makes it an effective emergency heat source
  • Leaves almost no ash
  • Can be snuffed out and if kept dry will relight again
  • Esbit fuels and stoves have been used in disaster relief efforts and are relied upon by NATO forces and countless outdoor enthusiasts the world over