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AdirPro Double Right Angle Prism

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  • Versatile stepping off at 90° and 180°
  • Center lens that allows foresight viewing
  • Convenient slot in handle to find plumb
  • Durable metal cover
  • Included leather case with belt loop

The AdirPro Double Right Angle Prism is an imperative tool for construction activities. Usually while undertaking construction layout tasks, there’s a need to detect an accurate 90° angle to locate a perpendicular line to the layout work. By using a prism device such as the AdirPro Double Right Angle Prism, surveyors can measure cross-sections or set slope stakes more accurately than any other alternatives. The Double Right Angle Prism holds a pentagonal prism to assess the line of sight to the right and left.

This compact and precise AdirPro right angle prism allows stepping off at 90° and 180° during surveying or leveling. Due to its center lens, the pentagonal prism can be revealed conveniently by rotating the protecting metal sleeve. Construction professionals can also determine verticals easily by hanging a bob cord from the slot in the handle of the device. With no assembly required, the AdirPro Double Right Angle Prism includes a leather case with a belt loop and a 90-day warranty.