What is Bioremediation?

Eliminates the need to excavate or transport contaminated soil!

A natural, green, cost effective alternative using microorganisms which exist in the surrounding environment.

Bioremediation is the process of using microbes to rid pollutants from a contaminated site. Microbes are added directly to the site eliminating the cost of removal and/or disposal of soils or water.

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How does Bioremediation work?

Oil contains hydrocarbons, which are made up of varying amounts of carbon and hydrogen.


Microbes are introduced to the contaminated area, which then begin feeding on the hydrocarbons.


The microbes break apart the hydrocarbons and combine them with oxygen to create water and carbon dioxide.

Our Spill Kits

Whether you have a spill on site or need to take preventative measures, Microbiate’s innovative kits can help you.

All kits contain a unique bioactive additive of safe naturally occurring bacteria which can biodegrade a wide variety of hydrocarbons from fuel or oil spills. Our kits also contain adsorbent pads, gloves and a garbage bag, everything you’ll need to treat a new or preexisting oil spill. Our smallest kit is compact and fits neatly behind a truck seat in it’s puncture proof bag ensuring maximum shelf life.

Click here to download our product information package for a more detailed look at our kits and their applications. 


The advantages of a Microbiate spill kit

  • Naturally eliminates hydrocarbons in soils
  • An organic environmentally friendly technology
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Preventative action for future spills on the site of use
  • Survives extreme temperature fluctuations


Biological Removal of Odor and Toxic Effects of a Wide Range of Oils Including but not exclusive to: Fuel Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil or Mixed Unknown Oil Composites.

Available sizes:

 5 SQ FT  25 SQ FT  275 SQ FT  1000 SQ FT


For the product SDS, download the PDF from the links below:

English SDS French SDS

It takes just a few simple steps

Step 1

Absorb any excess oil using the provided oil adsorbent pads. After use, place in provided garbage bag.

Step 2

Rake the top 2-6 inches of soil according to spill depth.

Step 3

Open “Package 1” and disperse evenly over affected area. Open “Package 2” and disperse evenly over the affected area.

Step 4

Rake into the spill to appropriate depth and saturate with water until ground is moist to appropriate depth. Check using your rake.

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